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Geiger Loria Filius McLucas Reporting makes it simple for you to get all of your court reporting and video needs covered in all of Central Pennsylvania and beyond…no matter how complex your litigation is.
With over 50 years serving Central Pennsylvania’s legal community & utilizing the latest technology …
… our experienced team works together toward one goal:
Making our clients look good.
Court reporting & video services
We offer the latest services and technologies in our industry. Early pioneers of cutting edge stenographic court reporting and legal technologies, we have continued to expand and enhance our services to what they are today.


Stenographers experienced in all legal proceedings.

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Video depositions with the latest technology.

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Broadcast quality technology at our facilities.

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Conference rooms throughout Central Pennsylvania

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“Geiger Loria Filius McLucas Reporting is always responsive to scheduling messages, very professional reporters, careful reporting in transcripts.” Office for Dispute Resolution

“I don’t know what I’d do if I were unable to rely on you and your superior service. I am always impressed with your professional courtesies…your willingness to help speaks volumes.” CGA Law Firm

Central Pennsylvania Locations
Let us host your depositions, mediations, legal proceedings, and meetings at one of our conference and video conferencing locations. While these are our primary locations, our court reporters and videographers cover depositions and proceedings throughout all of Central Pennsylvania and beyond. If you have a need in other towns/cities, please ask us. We probably cover it.
Featuring Insights and News for Legal Professionals

Learn to be a Court Reporter Online

Court reporting is a skilled profession with opportunities for high earning potential and does not require a four-year college degree. If you are self-motivated, have a passion for language and reading, have nimble fingers, a career in court reporting may...

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A Court Reporter’s Gift to You

Just like a judge or a mediator, court reporters have a duty to be impartial and fair to both sides of the case. Everyone relies on this, they trust that verbatim transcripts are just that, verbatim. They trust that both sides receive the same service and...

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Why Skype Doesn’t Work for Conducting Depositions

There are times when you just can’t make it to an out-of-town deposition, snowed in, crazy schedule or perhaps not just the best use of client funds. There is always the good old telephone but with new technology it’s tempting to want to use it. After all,...

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