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Client Login

Quick, easy access to important information is right at your fingertips! Simply click the login button below for your depo calendar, invoices, transcripts and more.

Law firms interested in experiencing the easy-to-use, convenient online office are encouraged to contact us today.

  • Attorneys and paralegals get secure web access to their downloadable transcripts, case files, current deposition schedule and invoice information.
  • Our “smart” online scheduler is superior to standard web forms because it remembers the user’s previous job requests, saving time and reducing errors by eliminating re-keying.
  • On desktops or laptops, use online case repositories for downloading and sharing files (transcripts and exhibits) with co-counsel or others assisting on a case.
  • Information on the system is on secure servers protected by firewalls, encryption and passwords. Lawyers and paralegals can only access information through online offices for which they have user IDs and passwords. They cannot view confidential information they do not have authority to view, nor can unauthorized people view their information.

Online Office Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for free access to my online office?

Call us at (800) 233-9327 or email us at scheduling@glfmllc.com and we’ll get you started with a user ID and password.

What is client login?

This is where you can access the login page to your On-Line office. If you don’t have an ID and password email our scheduling department at scheduling@GLFMllc.com or call us and we will get you started with a user ID and password.

Help! I’m locked out of my online office. What do I do?

After three unsuccessful password attempts the program will lock out access. Email our scheduling department at scheduling@GLFMllc.com or call us at (800) 233-9327  and we will reset the access for you.

How can I access the online office on my iPhone or Android?

Our Online Office is mobile friendly. Simply navigate to the site on your favorite mobile phone browser and either bookmark or add to your home screen.

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