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Court Reporting Services

We offer the latest services and technologies in the court reporting industry. Early pioneers of cutting edge technologies, we have continued to expand and enhance our services to what they are today. If you are looking for a service not listed below, please contact us to check if we can provide it for you.

Court Reporters & Reporting Services

Depositions, Trials, Arbitrations, and Hearings
Realtime Reporting
Internet Depositions
Daily & Expedited Delivery
Legal Video Services
Video-Text Streaming
Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing Suites in Harrisburg & York
Courtesy Deposition Suites in Harrisburg, York, & Lancaster
On-Call Staff for Last-minute Scheduling

Transcript Formats & Litigation Support

Video-Text Synchronization
E-Transcript™ for Transcript Delivery via E-mail
Condensed Transcripts
Keyword Indexing
Master Keyword Indexing
PDF transcripts with hyperlinked exhibits & word index
Direct Billing to Insurance Clients
Document Reproduction
Secure Online Office
Online Repository

Other court reporting & video services

Geiger Loria Filius McLucas Reporting makes it simple for you to get all of your court reporting and video needs covered in all of Central Pennsylvania and beyond…no matter how complex your litigation is.

Other services include:


Video depositions with the latest technology.

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Broadcast quality technology at our facilities.

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Conference rooms throughout Central Pennsylvania

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Frequently Asked Questions About Court Reporting and Transcripts

If I get an electronic copy and later decide I want a printed transcript do I have to pay for it?

You can print the transcript from your electronic file. The transcript is digitally signed so the reporter’s certificate is valid. If you still wish us to print and send the transcript, there is a small per page fee as well as shipping cost.

Help! I can’t find my transcript.

If you’re signed up for the On-Line office, you will never search for a transcript again. Everything is available to you 24/7. If you’re not, give us a call or email our scheduling department at scheduling@glfmllc.com and we can resend the transcript to you.

What is transcript synchronization?

Transcript synchronization pairs the court reporter’s written transcript with the video. When the two formats are synchronized you can click on the transcript and be taken directly to that portion of the video or you can easily create video clips by highlighting the transcript text and export the clips to trial presentation software.

There is research that shows jurors retain more information when they can see, hear and read testimony. If you would like this service, let us know when you schedule or you can tell your videographer at the deposition.

How long does it take to get transcript?

Our normal delivery is approximately 10 business days. If you require expedited delivery, we will be happy to accommodate that request. Simply let us know when you schedule. Expedited charges vary depending on delivery time.

How do I view an E-transcript?

E-transcript is a wonderful and useful tool for receiving transcripts via email. The files are virus scanned and compact so firewalls won’t be a problem. They also have a keyword listing linked to the transcript and allow printing in whatever format you prefer. In order to view E-transcript, the viewer program has to be downloaded. This only needs to be done once on each computer you use and only takes a few minutes. To download the program, click here.

Can I use E-transcript on my Apple iPhone or iPad?

Yes. To download the app, click here.

What electronic transcript formats do you offer?

We offer E-transcript, PDF in full size or condensed, Publisher and ASCII files that can imported into any word processing program and many litigation software programs.

What if I do not want a paper copy? Can I just get an electronic version?

Absolutely. We love that! Save a tree and go green.

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