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Gail D. McLucas, RPR - Partner & Court Reporter

Gail McLucas - court reporter and GLFM partnerWhen Gail D. McLucas, RPR, enrolled in the medical secretary program at Hagerstown Business College in 1972 she knew nothing about the career of court reporting. Intrigued with the suitcases that some students were carrying to class, she discovered that these suitcases contained Stenograph machines and the students were court reporting students. As a piano player since the age of 10, the idea of learning a new kind of keyboard inspired her to change her curriculum. She graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Court Reporting in 1974 and found the career she was meant to enjoy for a lifetime.

Gail began her career as an official reporter at York County Courthouse, and then joined Geiger Loria Reporting Service as a freelance reporter in 1981. In 1983 she co-founded the freelance firm Filius & McLucas Reporting Service and continues in that same role with GLFM Reporting.

While raising their three children, Gail and her husband Bill spent many hours watching their children’s swim meets at local YMCAs. Gail organized purchased, and sold refreshments to raise funds for the YMCA swim teams.

Now that her family is grown, Gail volunteers with a local AARP Chapter and she and her husband enjoy hosting family dinners for their three grown children, their significant others, and six grandchildren.

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