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Gain a Competitive Advantage in Your Case with Video

Legal Video Depositions in Central PennsylvaniaThere is no better way to capture all that a deponent communicates at a deposition than having a video and written record.

While your court reporter will create an accurate record of what’s spoken, a legal videographer will capture the tone, body language, facial expressions of your deponent. The unspoken elements of communication can alter the meaning and significance of the spoken words.

You may want to use video of a witness’s testimony for yourself and others to review after the deposition and during trial preparation. When a witness is unavailable for court, video can be used to show the witness’s testimony in court before a jury. For high stakes litigation, many attorneys have found that it is critical for them to use video in the majority, if not all, of their depositions. It is impossible to recreate the way in which a witness communicated something during a deposition in the exact same way at a trial. Emotions are unpredictable. Many attorneys have been able to impeach witnesses in trial due to having video of a deposition.

In a world filled with video and images, video is extremely beneficial in presenting evidence to a jury. There is research that shows jurors retain more information when they can see, hear and read testimony. Instead of the attorney having to read a statement from a deposition transcript, they can play a video instead. With transcript synchronization, the text will be synced and displayed along the video.

What is transcript synchronization (also known a synchronized video)? It pairs the court reporter’s written transcript with the video. When the two formats are synchronized you can click on the transcript and be taken directly to that portion of the video or you can easily create video clips by highlighting the transcript text and export the clips to trial presentation software.

For video depositions, there are certain standards to be met such as the date and time displayed on screen at all times, as well as being assured of the videographer’s impartiality. A legal videographer will provide a high-quality product with a sharp image and crystal-clear audio. This can make a distinct impression on both judge and jury.

GLFM provides the latest in legal video, including professional videographers, video-text streaming, video-text synchronization, etc.

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