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Video Conferencing


“Being There” Has Never Been As Simple, Convenient and Economical.

Video conferencing in Central PennsylvaniaIn our continuing effort to provide our clients with effective and economical services, GLFM can provide our clients dramatic savings in time, hassles and the high cost of traveling… all without sacrificing the importance of face-to-face communication.

We have combined the best available broadcast quality technology with our private, professional video conference facility and complete range of legal services, to provide our clients with a convenient and economical alternative to “going out of town.” Video conferencing allows participants in different geographic locations to see and hear each other just as if they were in the same room together. Room-to-room connections or multiple locations can be connected allowing clients to manage their time more effectively.

Our Pennsylvania video conference facilities use high quality and dependable IP technology and are available 24/7. Video conferences can usually be booked on extremely short notice. In addition, we are members of national networks that allow us to locate a qualified room within a few miles of your colleague/deponent.

To compare the cost of video conferencing to the cost of traveling or to schedule a video conference contact us today.

Court reporting & video services

Geiger Loria Filius McLucas Reporting makes it simple for you to get all of your court reporting and video needs covered in all of Central Pennsylvania and beyond…no matter how complex your litigation is. Early pioneers of cutting edge stenographic court reporting and legal technologies, we have continued to expand and enhance our services to what they are today.

Other services include:


Stenographers experienced in all legal proceedings.

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Video depositions with the latest technology.

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Conference rooms throughout Central Pennsylvania

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Frequently Asked Questions About Video Conferencing

What is the difference between Skype and Video Conferencing?

Skype is a consumer-based service that works best for a personal, one-on-one video and audio call. This free service offers no performance guarantees so you can never be sure of the quality or availability. When audio-video quality and technical reliability are critical, business grade video conferencing provides this assurance.

How do I schedule a video conference?

First, decide what date you are looking to hold a video conference, the start time and approximate ending time. Then schedule with our online scheduling, calling our scheduling department, or emailing scheduling@glfmllc.com and we’ll take it from there. We have video conference suites in Harrisburg and York, Pennsylvania and can assist with locating a room anywhere in the world. If your video conference is a deposition, best practice is to have the court reporter in the same location as the witness. And if a videotape is required, the videographer will have to be in the location with the witness as well.

What if I require more than two sites for a video conference?

In order to connect three or more sites to the video conference, a bridging service is required. We can schedule this service for you as well.

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