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Court reporting careerCourt reporting. Studies show that the demand for court reporters will significantly outweigh the supply over the next 5 years by 5500 jobs. Court reporting and captioning is a top professional career that does not require a four-year college degree. Bottom line, court reporters spend less time in school and are very quickly on their way to earning a salary that is competitive with four-year degree professions.

People who train for a career as a court reporter have a few career options:

  • Freelance reporter – Be your own boss and work for attorneys, corporations, and unions providing verbatim transcript of depositions, arbitrations, zoning hearings and so much more.
  • Official reporter – Work for a county, state or federal court house and provide verbatim transcripts of civil and criminal trials as well as other court proceedings.
  • Broadcast captioner or Cart provider – use your skills to provide instant translations for hard of hearing individuals for things such as TV programing or students in classrooms.

What it takes to be a good court reporter:

  • Good with language – court reporters must have a strong vocabulary and good ear for dialectics and accents.
  • Creative – capturing the spoken word requires the ability to think on your feet and adapt to situations. Many court reporters played a musical instrument when they were young, the memory and finger dexterity skills translates well to court reporting skills.
  • Self-motivated – court reporters often work on their own and must be focused and self-directed.

For more information about this exciting career, visit crTakeNote.com.

For information on the A to Z Program, a free class that teaches steno theory and provides the opportunity to not only meet working court reporters but also investigate whether this is the career for you, contact Robin Smith at rsmith@glfmllc.com.

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